Apollo Original


Apollo grid carpet has attained great popularity and has nearly become a standard when talking about entrance carpets. It's durable, elegant and easy to handle.

The carpet is composed of EPDM rubber and aluminium. The only part which wears out is the rubber. Apollo is assembled using stainless-steel wires. Both sides of the carpet can be used. Rolls up.

The Apollo classic carpet offers superior durability in demanding environments. Rubber is the best possible material wind cabinets. It does not cure a cold or softening temperature. Apollo-carpets life is very long, and therefore the rugs are well suited to commercial centers, schools and other public spaces. Also available as a model of very heavy consumption.

Apollo-mat consisting of EPDM rubber and aluminum. Aluminum profiles can be anodised in different colors, rubber, color can be black or gray. End Charts is anodized aluminum, either rubber or a list of color. The mat is assembled with stainless steel wires. Both sides of the carpet can be used. Carpet cleaning can be rolled for. Particularly demanding locations, we recommend fixed version. In each of the rubber / aluminum fins are separated by a rubber track confirmation, to prevent deformation of the aluminum in heavy traffic. Apollo-carpets are granted two-year warranty.


  • Rubber: EPDM 70° shore
  • Aluminum: AA 6005, 12x4 mm
  • End Charts: AA 6005, 18x18x2 mm, anodized in natural color, black or gold
  • Wire: 7x7 Stainless steel
  • Weight: n. 11 kg/m2
  • Strengths: 21 mm and 16 mm(only Apollo Extra Strong)